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Learn from real-life examples of successful online marketing tactics used by businesses. These case studies will inspire you as you grow your business.

Email newsletters drive website traffic for Sunshine Coast Tours

Sunshine Coast Marine Tours, Egmont, BC

Bryce Christie is the owner/operator of Sunshine Coast Tours a marine sightseeing business based in Egmont, BC. Like many business owners Bryce finds that he’s immersed in all areas of operating his business including marketing and sales. Since 2003 Bryce has been using Constant Contact to create and send out email newsletters. “Email marketing is the most cost saving and … [Read more...]

Coracle Cove B&B uses email newsletters to share the Sunshine Coast’s incredible experiences with their guests

Coracle Cove B&B in Sechelt, BC uses email newsletters

Jack and Sheila Pope have successfully used email newsletters to market Coracle Cove B&B in Sechelt, BC since they opened twelve years ago. Jack says, “We're in the business of selling incredible experiences and I use my knowledge about what I love most about living here to share in my email newsletters. It comes right from the heart.” “Our guests tell us how helpful we … [Read more...]

Guess who’s using email newsletters? Gramma!

Gramma's Pub in Gibsons, BC

I talked with Charlene SanJenko about the success of Gramma’s Pub email newsletter. She’s in charge of marketing for Gramma’s, a favorite place for locals and visitors to eat on the Gibsons, BC waterfront. Charlene enthuses, “email newsletters are key for Gramma’s Pub.” “What I love about email newsletters”, explains Charlene, “is that they go to people that want to hear … [Read more...]

Chasters Restaurant shares their email newsletter secrets

Chasters Restaurant

Lina Jacobs, owner of Chasters Restaurant, recently talked to me about the success of their email newsletter. When did you start using email marketing? “Bonniebrook Lodge and Chasters Restaurant started using email newsletters in Spring 2009,” says owner Lina Jacobs. How did you grow your list to more than 1600 subscribers? “We developed our email list by asking … [Read more...]

Email marketing helps artists grow audience

coast cultural alliance logo

Promoting the worlds of the arts, culture, and heritage in smaller communities can be tricky. But on BC’s Sunshine Coast, the Coast Cultural Alliance (CCA) has figured it out. The non-profit society is a network of people working together to create employment and business opportunities through cultural tourism and the arts. They print a monthly Arts & Culture Calendar and a … [Read more...]

How did one artist living in beautiful British Columbia create an online global community that drives traffic to his website?

With the power of email marketing The Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letter - a Case Study Robert Genn enjoys a reputation as an accomplished Canadian painter. He’s known internationally for his work, including paintings set in the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains. Years ago, on a family break in Spain, Robert unwittingly began an email marketing success story. The … [Read more...]