Cultivate Relationships

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Email marketing helps artists grow audience

coast cultural alliance logo

Promoting the worlds of the arts, culture, and heritage in smaller communities can be tricky. But on BC’s Sunshine Coast, the Coast Cultural Alliance (CCA) has figured it out. The non-profit society is a network of people working together to create employment and business opportunities through cultural tourism and the arts. They print a monthly Arts & Culture Calendar and a … [Read more...]

Email list growth tactics: real-life examples

marketing sherpa - marketers' list growth tactic chart

One of my favorite email marketing resources––recently posted the chart below depicting the effectiveness of email list growth tactics. My recommendation to grow your business is to select one passive method and two active methods from the list. Passive methods are ones you set up and forget about like #1, #4 and#6. Let's look at how some businesses I know … [Read more...]

Chart: Which Email Marketing Tactic Gets the Best Results?

Email marketing is the most effective tool for building connections with your subscribers Marketing Prof recently posted a chart comparing the top email tactics in terms of their effectiveness. Of the following strategies, which do you think consistently delivers the best results? Personalizing email messaging Engaging subscribers via social media Testing and … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Outsource Your Email

Use the right tools to grow your business There is no question that keeping in touch with your contacts via email is the most important and effective way to build your business. But often small business owners are simply too busy running their business to devote the time and energy needed to write, implement, and manage their own email campaigns. If this sounds familiar, we … [Read more...]