Chasters Restaurant shares their email newsletter secrets

Chasters Restaurant uses email newsletters

Chasters Restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, BC

Lina Jacobs, owner of Chasters Restaurant, recently talked to me about the success of their email newsletter.

When did you start using email marketing?

Bonniebrook Lodge and Chasters Restaurant started using email newsletters in Spring 2009,” says owner Lina Jacobs.

How did you grow your list to more than 1600 subscribers?

“We developed our email list by asking permission from restaurant, lodge and special event guests to add them to our email list. We also hold monthly draws and use email to notify the winners.”

“Today,” explains Lina, “85% of our subscribers sign up for our email newsletter when they are in the restaurant. We include a comment card and email sign-up form with every bill.”

How soon after using email marketing did you know it was the right choice for Chasters ?

“We knew it was successful right way,” says Lina, “because people told us they loved it.”

To what do you attribute the success of your email campaigns?

“Exposure and branding,” says Lina, “are the key to our email newsletter success. The email reminds people about us and they pick up the phone and make a reservation.”

How do you measure the success of your email?

“We notice a significant increase in business and a higher volume of reservations when our email newsletter goes out,” reports Lina. “We notice a similar pattern for our special events promoted with email.”

“Due to the successful results of our email marketing we only do spot print advertising. Our email newsletter is a regular and constant reminder to our subscribers that we’re here.”

What promotions do you include in your email newsletter?

Lina explains, “We used to offer discount coupons in our emails and don’t anymore as we realized it was a hassle for our guests to print out the coupons. Instead we now offer specials to all our guests – like our current “Two Can Dine for $69.”

What’s your advice for others who may be getting started with email newsletters?

“First impressions are important,” emphasizes Lina, “Just like the first impressions when guests walk into the restaurant. Make sure your email newsletter is representative of the quality of what you do. To me that means our email newsletter has beautiful graphics, relevant content and is engaging and easy to read.”

Lina’s final tip, “We place the name of our monthly draw winner in the side bar of our email newsletter so readers have to scroll down to see the name. That way they see the whole newsletter while they look to see if they are this month’s winner.”

Chasters Restaurant uses Constant Contact… why don’t you try it and start growing your business?