Email list growth tactics: real-life examples

One of my favorite email marketing resources––recently posted the chart below depicting the effectiveness of email list growth tactics.

My recommendation to grow your business is to select one passive method and two active methods from the list. Passive methods are ones you set up and forget about like #1, #4 and#6.

Let’s look at how some businesses I know use the top six tactics:

1. Website Registration Page: Add an email newsletter sign-up form to your website provides an opportunity for your website visitors to subscribe. Visitors that want to hear from you. The Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden and SS Thorfinn, a diving tour operator, grow their email list from their website sign-up forms. Offer compelling content to your audience in the form of a free ebook when new subscribers sign-up for  your newsletter. If you’re a business in a tourism destination you’ll entice new email newsletter sign-ups with a free guide about your area, such as Ten Best Picnic Spots or Ten Secret Beaches.

2. Social media sharing buttons in email: Encourage your email subscribers to share content to their social media networks directly from your email newsletter. Use social share buttons to grow brand awareness and use your social networks to encourage email list sign-ups.

3. Offline Events/Trade Shows: My Sunshine Coast Events books vacations, weddings and retreats. Owner Rachelle Gardner gathers email addresses from agents she meets at travel shows across Canada. Some businesses offer a draw for a prize at consumer shows, farmers markets, and special events in exchange for email addresses. Chasters Restaurant in Gibsons, BC reports that they generate 85% of their email subscribers from a sign-up form they include with each table’s bill.

4. Registration during purchase: Holy Crap Cereal includes an opt-in email newsletter sign-up form during the final check out step on their ecommerce store.

5. Online Events or Webinars: This tactic takes more technical know-how to set-up. Artists might consider offering webinars demonstrating artistic techniques or their creative process and invite visitors to to sign-up by email to view the webinar and receive their email newsletter.

6. Facebook registration page: Set-up a custom tab on your Facebook business page with an email newseltter sign-up form. Most Email Service Providers like Constant Contact offer detailed instructions on how to add the sign-up link to the sidebar. From time to time draw attention to the sign-up form with a post on your Facebook timeline.

Want to grow your business? Choose a couple of tactics and start growing your email list today.

marketing sherpa - marketers' list growth tactic chart