Email newsletters drive website traffic for Sunshine Coast Tours

Bryce Christie is the owner/operator of Sunshine Coast Tours a marine sightseeing business based in Egmont, BC.

Like many business owners Bryce finds that he’s immersed in all areas of operating his business including marketing and sales.

Since 2003 Bryce has been using Constant Contact to create and send out email newsletters. “Email marketing is the most cost saving and time effective marketing tool for my business,” explains Bryce.

He has about 1300 subscribers on his customer list and about the same number for hisSunshine Coast Marine Tours, Egmont, BC business-to-business list. Bryce sends four email newsletters a year to his customer list and sends emails more frequently to his business-to-business list that includes accommodation providers, tour operators and travel agents.

“The option to have separate subscriber lists,” explains Bryce, “allows me to send information to my business-to-business list that they’ll want to pass on to their customers. It’s important that the information you send out matches your customers’ interests. I know that accommodation providers and travel agents want to be able to pass on timely information to their customers that will enhance their travel experiences. I know they want to be the first to hear about special tours I offer, like the ones that coincide with the June Blues Festival and the September Jazz Festival in our area.

Bryce measures the sSunshine Coast Marine Tours, Egmont, BCuccess of his email marketing by the number of “opens” and “click-throughs” to his website. “Constant Contact provides a report for each email I send and I can see that about 45% of my emails are opened by my subscribers.” That is considered an extremely high open rate for email newsletters. “I’ve learned that my website photo gallery gets the most clicks so I continually update the gallery to keep subscribers engaged.”

“Our website is our business’ main source of bookings and our email newsletter drives people to the website.”

Bryce encourages business owners using email newsletters to find an information source to learn more about using email. Bryce subscribes to Email Sherpa and Constant Contact Tips. Then, “apply and adapt the tips to your business situation.”

Sunshine Coast Tours in Egmont, BC uses Constant Contact… why don’t you try it and start growing your business?