Guess who’s using email newsletters? Gramma!

I talked with Charlene SanJenko about the success of Gramma’s Pub email newsletter. She’s in charge of marketing for Gramma’s, a favorite place for locals and visitors to eat on the Gibsons, BC waterfront. Charlene enthuses, “email newsletters are key for Gramma’s Pub.”

Gramma's Pub in Gibsons, BC

Gramma's Pub on the waterfront in Lower Gibsons, BC

“What I love about email newsletters”, explains Charlene, “is that they go to people that want to hear from Gramma’s. More people might see a print ad or hear a radio ad but a much lower percentage of those people are actually interested in the ad. With email newsletters, we know that our subscribers want to hear from us or else they would unsubscribe. People can unsubscribe anytime they want.”

Charlene explained that she chose email marketing for Gramma’s Pub because it is cost effective and they wanted to be able to keep in touch with the pub’s patrons and tell them about:

• New food and drink specials
• Up-coming events
• Community events sponsored by Gramma’s.

Gramma’s Pub primarily uses email newsletters and community sponsorship to market the popular Gibsons, BC gathering place.

Charlene explained that Gramma’s gets most of their email subscribers from pub guests entering their name and email address for a chance to participate in a contest or win a prize at a draw.

For example, during NHL play-offs Gramma’s Pub held a draw for a Canuck’s jersey resulting in many new email subscribers.

Their email newsletter goes out 6 – 8 times a year. They’ve built their subscriber list to 1200 since they sent their first one about a year and a half ago.

Charlene coaches that, “email marketing is an ingredient that no business should be without.” Gramma’s Pub uses Constant Contact that has built-in tools that link the email newsletter to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

“The value for cost is amazing,” says Charlene, “how could a small business be without it?”

Gramma’s Pub uses Constant Contact… why don’t you try it and start growing your business?