How did one artist living in beautiful British Columbia create an online global community that drives traffic to his website?

With the power of email marketing

The Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letter – a Case Study
Robert Genn enjoys a reputation as an accomplished Canadian painter. He’s known internationally for his work, including paintings set in the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains.

Years ago, on a family break in Spain, Robert unwittingly began an email marketing success story.

Robert Genn, British Columbia

Robert Genn

The challenge: reaching out to many people all at once with relevant information

Pondering 20 emails he’d received from friends in response to his new handbook, Robert wanted to write back to everyone without having to create a unique email for each person.

The solution: building relationships with an informational e-newsletter

Robert decided to send just one letter to this group—a piece in which he could share some of his knowledge and experience. Not wanting the communication to seem impersonal, Robert asked a friend to help personalize the email.

The positive response Robert received inspired him to set about building an online community. He began regularly writing a letter filled with advice about art to send to his list of email contacts. It would empower other artists with valuable information about art and the business of art, while bringing together people with similar interests.

Plant the seeds, success will follow

In about three months his idea grew, and Robert was sending letters to more than two hundred people. He was thrilled to be able to reach so many people at once — artists and other creative individuals who shared his passion for art.

Eventually Robert settled on a bi-weekly schedule for The Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letter. Using Constant Contact to automatically manage and personalize his mailings, Robert appreciates the easy-to-use system to distribute his sought-after letter.

View Robert’s email newsletter archives for inspiration on developing content for your email newsletters.

The Results: a global community of subscribers

While Robert now has about 50,000 subscribers, he estimates readership at about one million people in 110 countries. Part of that success came after his letter went viral. Bloggers wrote about it and other websites picked it up. This mass audience has made a significant impact on his website, bringing thousands of visitors to it each day. Because of the huge traffic his website receives, Robert is able to offer premium profile space to 250 artists (and growing) for $100 each per year.

His massive readership also provides him with more than enough questions he can answer and build content around, ensuring he never runs out of relevant material for his letters.

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Robert Genn uses Constant Contact… why don’t you try it and start growing your business?