Holy Crap Cereal

Holy Crap, an iconic Canadian breakfast cereal chose Shopify for its online store.

Webology set up their store and has been managing, updating, and customizing it to grow online sales for over 6 years. In mid-2018 we added a subscription option that was an instant hit.

We created 60 recipes for Holy Crap to share on its blog and social media sites to attract its target market of people with special dietary needs.

A recipe ebook featuring 12 recipes is used as a lead magnet for email sign-ups.

Facebook ads targeted to interest groups including gluten-free, allergy-free, diabetics, and vegans boost traffic to the store's landing page for email signups. 

The customized recipe template on the Shopify store feature:

  • Main recipe image pre-formated to Facebook's timeline size for easing sharing
  • An embedded email signup form that triggers an automated 11-part email series
  • An embedded product review widget with links to product pages

A new subscriber email funnel drips out the health benefits of the cereal's superfood ingredients over 5 months.

Product Page visitors are retargeted with Facebook ads that feature product reviews, founder story, and serving suggestions.

New customers that opt-in to marketing receive a 3-part post-purchase email series with serving suggestions, recipes, and at the estimated time they'll run out of cereal a reminder of the cereal benefits with a discount code.

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