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With over 5 years experience setting up and running Shopify stores I'm keen to:

  • Set-up your Shopify store
  • Grow your store traffic with Facebook
  • Create "set-it and forget it" email funnels for leads and repeat customers

I have spent over 15 years helping businesses and organizations promote their products and services online, and in the last 5 years have consistently found that Shopify is the most effective platform to build an ecommerce business. Shopify is a reliable, hosted, shopping cart solution for your ecommerce business.

Using Shopify for your ecommerce store allows you to focus on creating amazing customer service, engaging content, and a community of happy customers and followers who are eager to buy and refer your business to people they know.

Shopify Store Set-up:

  • Select a Shopify theme with the features that best match your business goals
  • Install, update, and customize theme
  • Set-up homepage
  • Set-up header, footer, and announcement bar
  • Set-up navigation, drop down navigation
  • Set-up product page template (including importing/exporting and bulk editing), set up product type, vendor and tags
  • Set-up (auto and manual) collections, collection image, and description
  • Set-up discount codes and gift cards
  • Set-up taxes, shipping, and policies
  • Set-up page, blog, and article templates
  • Advanced page set-up (eg embedding email sign-up forms)
  • Recommend and install apps for your business type
  • Edit liquid files and customize templates
  • Customize notifications (order confirmation, shipping confirmation, abandon checkout, etc)

Do you have an action plan to grow your Shopify store:

measure and analyze your store activity & engage and grow your audience

      Grow your Shopify Store Traffic:

      • Identify tools and analytics so you can readily measure and analyze your Shopify store's performance and growth
      • Set-up and link free Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Merchant, and Google AdWords accounts
      • Set-up onsite SEO (site speed optimization, meta titles & descriptions, structured data)
      • Product reviews and rich snippets
      • Review social media strategies for driving traffic to your store
      • Consult and set-up social media advertising
      • Set-up customized Shopify landing pages
      • Set-up Facebook Product Catalog
      • Set-up Facebook Ads
      • Set-up Google Product Feed
      • Set-up Pinterest Rich Pins/Buyable Pins

      Email Marketing:

      • Get new customers and repeat customers with automated email funnels 
      • Email account set-up and Shopify integration
      • Authenticate account to minimize emails going to spam
      • List and segment set-up
      • Customize email templates
      • Automation series set-up (email marketing funnels)
      • Email campaigns based on campaign activity and shopping behaviour (deep linked to Shopify store)


        As a creative thinker and resourceful problem solver I'll recommend solutions best suited for your business - that focus on driving traffic and sales.

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