My name is Claudia Howard and I’m a Shopify Expert from BC's Sunshine Coast.

I help Shopify store owners start, build and grow online stores.

Clients tell me I make the process easy for them, I’m patient and take the time to understand their business – their industry – their niche – and their customers.

I get excited about collaborating with clients in this way – I’m genuinely curious about their businesses – and keen to apply my experience and expertise to recommend steps to grow their store to match their budget and their vision.

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Oh, a horror story about working with a developer?

Sadly, it's a familiar story. Lucky for you I book my work directly through Storetasker. It's an escrow service for vetted Shopify Experts like me. It works on a per project basis so you can do as much or as little as you need without any other obligations. The payment is held until your job is completed to your satisfaction. Win-Win.

I actively network with other Shopify Experts in the Storetasker community and that gives me direct access to other verified ecommerce professionals, theme developers, app developers and keeps me up-to-date on all sorts of ecommerce industry related news.

Plus, Storetasker rates are very reasonable. You can visit Storetasker today and select me as your preferred expert for your job. 

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